people are released from Prison each year

up to 69%

of these re-offend within the first year


of those released are unemployed or find it hard to secure employment

below 10%

Category D reoffending rate (local statistics)


the amount of money you're granted to start a new life when you leave prison

Our Goal

Our goal is to work with individuals as early as possible, helping them secure training and qualifications to get them ready for work. We help them secure a work placement on construction sites with like-minded contractors, which in turn helps support the operative to reintegrate back into society. 

Around 70,000 people are released from prison each year. 63% of these will go on to re-offend within the first year of being released. The total estimated economic and social cost of reoffending was £18.1 billion over a 12-month period. Studies show that the best hope of preventing this is to offer support to the offenders in helping them find employment.

We are currently engaging with several of the leading Main Contractors & Developers and this initiative has proved to be a great success so far. At a time when labour availability is at its lowest number in years, this is proving to be a valuable new resource stream to deal with this current industry problem.

Introduction to Constructing Futures

O’Neill & Brennan helps individuals who are coming to the end of their prison sentence gain employment on construction sites with like-minded contractors, supporting the end goal of smooth reintegration back into society.


Tom Weavers

Morgan Sindall

James Roach


Definitely support the ROTL scheme in the future

After some initial reservations about the ROTL scheme we ultimately decided to proceed and it has been proven to be a resounding success.

Both Gerry and Jimmy have really done themselves proud, standing out as among the hardest-working and most conscientious operatives on site.

We receive lots of comments on how neat and tidy the building is and this directly reflects their efforts as part of the site logistics team. Based on their performance here I would definitely support the ROTL scheme in the future.

Helps the site, helps the community

Fantastic scheme that not only helps the site, helps the community. I would greatly reccomend the scheme, the only thing that we struggled with was the transparency around the home leaves, only so we can plan around it because that did come back as a shock, but the reality is - it doesn't make any difference it just means we can plan for it if we know in advance.

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