Do you know if your personal data is protected when applying for a job online?

In 2014, Google attempted to help make the internet more secure, by running a campaign called HTTPS everywhere to get websites to use secure, encrypted connections to protect personal data.

For jobseekers, do you know whether the websites you are using to apply for a job are secure for submitting your personal data online?

You should not be uploading any personal data (home address, date of birth, National Insurance number etc), CV, certification or qualifications to any jobsite or recruiter that does not have an encrypted connection.

Always use websites that have an HTTPS at the start of the URL, otherwise your data will already be at risk.

  • Look for a green ‘secure’ at the start of the URL.
  • Look for a closed padlock at the start of the URL.
  • Look for the https:// (in green and not http://) at the start of a website URL.

Do not apply for a job online, login or register with a jobsite or recruiter if you see a ‘Not Secure’, no closed padlock, or just an http:// like the one indicated below.

O’Neill & Brennan’s website is encrypted, so you can be assured of your details being protected if you apply for any vacancies on our website. Not all construction recruitment agencies have a secure certificate in place on their website, registration pages or the login page, all of which will not be secure. This forms part of our responsibilities as a recruitment agency to protect personal data from both our clients and all job seekers that visit our website.