O’Neill & Brennan have actively promoted women in construction, recognising and appreciating the efforts and contributions made daily by women in the industry, as well as working hard to promote equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace within the construction sector.

As part of this initiative, we have pledged our commitment to the ‘Women Into Construction 2019’ campaign by becoming a gold member organisation. This involves demonstrating positivity about supporting women in the construction and infrastructure industries, and showing a willingness to actively recruit more women to our workforce.

We aim to continue working alongside our clients to encourage the growth of women in construction and females entering the industry. By championing female role models, particularly in management roles, it shows others that women can be leaders in the construction industry. The key message from the statistics and the surveys is that more needs to be done. With construction facing an ongoing battle to retain its best and brightest women, we hope that initiatives such as ‘Women Into Construction 2019’  will go a long way to achieving that.