Life can be full of disappointment. At the time it can seem like things will never go your way or get better.

But disappointments can actually be powerful opportunities in disguise! Disappointments force us to reassess our paths, take control of our decisions, and gain more clarity about what we want.

Read our tips below on how you can turn disappointment into opportunity.


Acknowlege Your Feelings

When dealing with negative emotions it is all too tempting to do anything to distract yourself from feeling. Sadly, the more you try to repress feelings of disappointment, the harder it will be to see a clear way forward. Take time to experience the emotions that come with disappointment and take time to process them.

Reframe the Situation

Instead of focusing on what you didn't get, try to focus on what you can learn from the experience. Try putting a positive spin on the situation in order to improve your state of mind. This is proactive and will help you feel empowered.

Find Value in Failure

It may not seem like it at the time but failures allow you to redirect your path, change the way you think, and give you a second chance at what you're trying to achieve. Failures can be a blessing in disguise because they give you the opportunity to grow and build resilience.

Focus on the Process, not the Results

Not reaching a goal you set doesn’t mean you can’t still do what you’d like to do. It’s not over just because you didn’t create one specific outcome. If you keep doing what you love, you will inevitably identify new possibilities that will fulfill you.

Practice Gratitude

When things don’t go how we were hoping they would it’s easy to adopt a negative train of thought. Instead, take time to appreciate the things you already have in your life such as thriving relationships, good health, or your accomplishments.

Re-evaluate Your Goals 

Use the experience of disappointment to ask yourself what didn’t work well and why. Clarify your values and apply the learnings from your disappointment. Now is the time to think about setting new goals that are more in alignment with what you really desire.