If you ask any Irish person how they feel about Brexit, your typical answer will have some sort of concern attached too it. However, according to Stephen Hughes head of construction at Enterprise Ireland, the future is bright for the Irish construction industry. He mentioned "While we are entering unchartered territory with Brexit, there is every reason to be confident in our ability to meet new challenges based on the capability of Irish businesses to grow world class enterprises targeting global markets, leveraging from Enterprise Ireland’s renewed support platform" He also stated that we have the right supports in place to help high growth construction businesses prosper to become massive enterprises and employers for the future.

Mr. Hughes went on to say we can embrace something and embed it a lot quicker than if we were in the UK and France which are very big, complex markets. We have great BIM capabilities here. We have wonderful educational institutions that are teaching BIM as part of courses and we have had companies who have taken a leading position around using BIM in the fit outs of their latest projects.

When it comes to BIM, the collaborative effort of industry leaders across the sector can only be a good thing. “There is a lot of consultation going on and that is brilliant, because the only way this is going to work is through consultation, partnership and inclusiveness. Listening to the concerns of all parts of the community will result in BIM being delivered in a way that everyone is happy with. There is lots of global evidence of how it’s worked in different markets, so we can learn from those and take the best of this and embrace it for our own solution here in Ireland.”

Enterprise Ireland launched a new strategy in January called, ‘Build Scale, Expand Reach’ which covers the four-year period from 2017–2020.  The objective of the new Strategy is to transform the innovation and competitive capabilities of Irish enterprise, especially through a strong commitment to LEAN programmes, in order to consolidate existing market share, and expand the global reach of ambitious Irish companies into diversified export markets. This is just one of many systems that are being put in place to ensure that Irish construction continues to proser post brexit. 

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