This month’s Health & Safety theme is ‘Slips, Trips and Falls’. Did you know that up to seven people are hurt in workplace slips, trips and falls every day and at least one of these unlucky people get so badly hurt, they miss over a month of work. In 2017, there were roughly 1,700 workplace slips, trips and falls. This type of workplace accident, is in actual fact, the second highest single cause of workplace injuries.

In light of the above paragraph, we would encourage all our staff and the general public reading this to take extra caution when entering all workplaces, in particular construction building sites.

Health and Safety Authority tips to avoid STF

  • Work areas and access routes must be adequately lit
  • Clean as you go. Everybody is responsible for keeping their own work area clean
  • Keep access routes (including stairs, walkways, working platforms) clean and clear of materials and equipment which could cause trip hazards
  • Site must be kept clean and storage of materials (deliveries, waste) organised to prevent obstructions
  • Adequate skips and bins must be provided and waste removed from site in a timely manner Safe access must be provided to all work areas including those located above and below ground
  • Remove exposed nails from timber
  • Cut or cap protruding rebar

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