Today's job market is very competitive, and a strong online presence is of upmost importance for job seekers.

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional networking platform and plays a significant role in connecting employers with potential candidates so you need to make sure your profile stands out and attracts the attention of recruiters.

Read our 7 top tips to get your profile noticed:

1. Upload the Right Photo

Your LinkedIn profile photo gives anyone you engage with an important first impression. Make sure the photo is of just you and is clear and avoid a distracting background. A head and shoulders photo is recommended as full length photos appear very small in search results.

2. Include Industry Keywords in Your Headline

It’s a good idea to include industry keywords in your headline to help you appear in Recruiters’ and Hiring Managers’ searches. Look at some jobs you’d want to apply for and see what terms they’re using in their specifications.

For example, if you work in Digital Marketing, you might want to have terminology related to SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay-per-click).

3. Make Your Summary Stand out

Filling out your summary gives the LinkedIn algorithm more to go on and makes it more likely you’ll appear in searches. Rather than listing your job experience and current responsibilities, which you can do in your work experience section, your summary should be short and to the point. Include industry keywords, big achievements and summarise experiences.

4. Clearly Convey Your Skills

Find a few jobs you’d like to apply for and see which skills they’re looking for. If you have that skill set, add it to your profile. You can also take a LinkedIn skills assessment to demonstrate your understanding and experience. You’ll get a ‘Verified Skills’ badge on your profile if you pass the test, which looks great to potential employers.

5. Build a Strong Network

Don’t be afraid to reach out, comment and surround yourself with people you admire. Send connection requests to others working in your field and nurture the connections you have. Comment on posts and send messages to people that interest you. It’s also worth following any companies you want to work for so you can keep up to date with their news and latest job opportunities.

6. Post Long-Form Content 

Long-form content, like articles and blogs, is a great way to showcase your talents and perspective. Research shows posts around 2000 words perform the best. These posts generally receive the greatest number of post views, likes, comments, and shares.

7. Manage Your Endorsements

You can recommend somebody for a skill they’ve included on their profile and will find they usually return the favour! Reach out also to friends and colleagues to endorse your skills. 

Keep your skills section relevant and update your profile as you learn and develop.

Remove skills that no longer suit your career path so Recruiters and Hiring Managers focus on the skillset you’re actually wanting to promote for your next step.