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Perfect Match - Making the right hire and the cost of getting it wrong

22 June

O’Neill & Brennan attended the Talent, Recruitment & Employment Conference 2017 at Grange Tower Bridge Hotel yesterday, where there were a host of expert speakers on hand, including the Journalist Matthew Syed, to discuss a variety of topical issues currently impacting on employment and recruitment.

Some of the topics covered included flexible working, workforce planning, technology, candidate experience, employer brand and diversity. The event certainly provided some food for thought, with plenty of thought provoking insight into how recent or impending changes and trends might affect recruitment agencies across the UK.

At the end of the event, a new white paper was distributed by the REC called ‘Perfect Match – making the right hire and the cost of getting it wrong’. This research report outlines ways in which getting a hiring decision wrong can have a big impact on a business’s finances, discussing common mistakes employers make, and offering practical advice to businesses seeking to avoid financial risks at every stage in the hiring process.

O’Neill & Brennan’s London based Recruitment Director Tim Barton was featured on page 14, providing an expert opinion on defining a bad hire and what the associated and directly tangible costs can be if bad decisions are frequently made.

If you’re a member of the REC you can download the full report here: Perfect Match – Making the right hire and the cost of getting it wrong


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