Our Senior Account Manager, Gavin Watchorn, attended the Oxford Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Job Fair last week.

He was looking forward to meeting people looking to return and get a second chance or try out roles in the industry. These job fairs are something we really value here at O’Neill & Brennan.

Gavin said, "Job fairs and working with our local restart schemes are an important part of what we do here at O'Neill & Brennan, especially in our North Home Counties patch. The current labour shortage in the UK is well documented, and we have to think outside the box in terms of our recruitment of operatives. Many operatives we meet at these fairs are starting their construction journey and are delighted to be given that chance. We must credit our partners who provide the necessary training, experience, and insights into working in the industry. When the restart scheme, our client, and our company join forces, we can help someone get that chance and re-enter sustainable employment.’’