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O’Neill & Brennan attain ISO 45001 certificate

12 November

O’Neill & Brennan Construction Limited and O’Neill & Brennan Site Services Ltd are pleased to announce they have attained the ISO 45001 certification.

This certificate, which recently replaced OHSAS 18001, is an internationally recognised standard which requires organisations to identify, manage and strictly control health and safety risks in their workplace, and create a safer working environment for all employees. Each organisation is required to identify all Health and Safety risks associated with their operations and reduce their impact. ISO 45001 Certification provides assurance that the activities organisations carry out are done safely and in line with legal requirements.

ISO 45001 complements the already obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications which collectively shows how O’Neill & Brennan Construction Limited and O’Neill & Brennan Site Services Ltd are experts in the field of ISO management systems. It places responsibility on senior levels of management, directors and department heads to have a full grasp of the risk management processes and to be actively involved in implementing the good practices that assessment identifies as necessary for the good of employees and others.

These achievements further demonstrate that O’Neill & Brennan Construction Limited and O’Neill & Brennan Site Services Ltd’s processes are on par with world-best practices at implementing the highest standards on health, safety, quality, security and environment which collectively contribute to safe, better and more efficient construction services.

We have achieved this standard through sheer dedication and a significant effort from the whole team to create a safe working environment. It demonstrates the importance and commitment that is placed on health and safety and we are delighted that our strong values on the matter have been officially recognised.

Similarly, O’Neill & Brennan Site Services were recently awarded with a National Company and Supplier Award from Considerate Constructors based on Logistic support excellence. You can read more about that here.


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