This week’s consultant interview was with Kelly Harkin from the Manchester office:

Hi Kelly! You’re currently supplying staff to Torness power station in Scotland, but you’re based in the Manchester office, why’s that?

I head up energy and power for O’Neill & Brennan- it’s a specialised industry so we have a dedicated department rather than having clients deal with regional offices.  It’s not just Torness. We’re currently supplying all over the country, Hinkley and Hartlepool for instance. Manchester is actually pretty central to the UK and the transport links mean it’s convenient for meeting clients and candidates wherever they’re based.

What are some of the challenges that come with specialising in energy and power?

As with the rest of O’Neill & Brennan, where possible we look to source operatives locally. It’s good for reliability, it saves operatives having to travel, and it means our clients can hit their local spend KPIs. Where there are only so many power stations in the UK and qualified people can be few and far between, you do find a lot of operatives who want travel and accommodation paid. On the whole, though, we’ve been very good at working with the clients to provide local jobs for local people.

Are you looking to fill any particular vacancies at the moment?

We’re always looking to source experienced and qualified nuclear operatives across the country. It’s the nature of the industry that they will always be in demand so it’s not a case of narrowing it down to a specific role; we supply the biggest companies and stations in the business so if you’ve got nuclear clearance and experience we want to hear from you.

Kelly can be reached by phone at 01614 572 380 or via email on