Hrovje joined O'Neill & Brennan in November 2020 shortly after losing his job in hospitality due to lockdown restrictions. He's been working as a Traffic Marshall on London Square's development in Brent Since February 2021.

Read about his journey and his views about working in the Construction industry and working for O’Neill & Brennan;

"The team at O’Neill & Brennan are really supportive and accommodating, making sure we receive regular on the job training with opportunities to develop within the company."

Brent Resident Case Study - Hrvoje Cubic

What made you apply for the Traffic Marshall opportunity with O’Neill & Brennan?

"I'd been working as a Bartender, but as everyone knows, the hospitality sector is among the hardest hit by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Restrictions on trading and operating hours devastated our business and the owner had no choice but to let people go. A few weeks later, I enrolled in a Traffic Marshall course and completed my CSCS certificate with Cidori. I was offered a job immediately after the training, so it was a real confidence boost."

What are your ambitions for the future?

"I’m keen to work towards a heating and ventilation qualification as there’s a huge demand for skilled tradespeople and you can earn more money. Although, working onsite and experiencing all the different phases of a building project is what I have found the most interesting so the opportunities are endless!"

What do you most enjoy about your role?

"The team at O’Neill & Brennan are really supportive and accommodating, making sure we receive regular on the job training with opportunities to develop within the company. I studied heating and ventilation in my home country of Croatia, but I wanted to get building site experience that would help me decide if it was what I really wanted to do every day."

What advice would you give to someone interested in your career?

"Obviously you have to look for vacancies online to begin with, but you can do more beyond that. It's a good idea to contact companies and tell them what you can offer, and it's very likely that opportunities will arise when someone like you is needed. If you don't hear for a while, then contact them again, because sometimes names on lists get lost. Personally, I couldn't recommend this industry highly enough and would encourage anyone who has ever thought a career in construction could be for them to come and try it."