It's only natural to feel nervous before a job interview and almost everyone will have to face this in their life time. Read our tips to find out how you can help ease your nerves and ace your interview!

Take Yourself for a Walk

Fresh air will always do you good. If you have a phone interview, try taking a walk or a jog to release those endorphins beforehand. This will also help refocus your mind. If the interview is in person, take five minutes before you enter the building to walk around and clear your head.

Phone a Friend

One of life’s simple pleasures is picking up the phone and hearing some encouraging words from a positive friend or family member (we stress the word positive here, a negative friend could make things much worse). Calling someone close to you before a stressful event, can make all the difference.

Listen to Music

Putting on your favourite song will hopefully take you to your happy place and fill your head with excitement rather than nerves. Alternatively, listening to an uplifting podcast by one of your favourite speakers might help to put you in a calmer frame of mind.

Give Yourself a Pep Talk

It is scientifically proven that giving yourself a pep talk will helps you to get motivated. Tell yourself all the things you need to hear: you’re clever, you’re more than qualified for this role, you’re going to smash it. Try saying these sentences out loud and with confidence.

Eat Something

Going for an interview on an empty stomach isn’t a wise move. It will be hard to give solid answers if your stomach is rumbling. Your nerves may affect your appetite so it doesn’t have to be a huge meal, a snack will do, just whatever feels right for you.

Make Plans Afterwards

You’re probably not looking forward to sweating for two hours in front of a complete stranger, but think of something you’d be excited to power through this for? Whether it’s meeting a friend, going for a nice meal, or watching your favourite TV show, prepare for it to be ready for you when you’re finished. Having something to look forward to should help shift your focus.

Prepare for the Worst

We all have our biggest fears but it’s good to know there’s always an answer for it. Something in your teeth? Take a mirror and floss in your bag. Concerned about not having a good answer to a tough question? Be proactive and learn how to cover your tracks when you don’t have an answer. Thinking ahead will ensure you are able to handle worst case scenarios.

Smile (yes, really)

This is probably the last thing you feel like doing but it’s no secret that even faking a smile helps you feel more confident. It takes minimal effort and you’ve got nothing to lose, so why not give it a go?