Hinkley Point has divided opinion since it was first proposed. Whatever one’s opinion on nuclear power, however, it can’t be denied that this project will be an amazing example of engineering at the cutting edge in terms of construction, energy, technology and logistics.

The project has a budget of £18,000,000,000 and is currently in its preparatory stage. To give an indication of the scale, the initial preparation of the site alone – including reversible construction of roundabouts, temporary roads, and drainage works – is expected to cost in excess of £100m.

The fact that this project has now officially been given the green light is expected to create literally thousands of jobs, not only during construction but for years to come. As Hinkley Point is situated ideally for our Exeter and Cheltenham offices, O'Neill & Brennan look forward to being a part of yet another landmark construction job. 

Photo Credit: Rich Wiltshire Photography - Hinkley Glow.