Searching for a new job can feel like a long road, but if you are thinking of making it a year of change or have found yourself out of employment, here are some tips to help you.


Be Sure About Your Career Goals

Identifying the type of career you would like to pursue will give you a clear goal and narrow down your search for a new job. Not having clear career goals may also appear indecisive to employers.

There are a number of goals you could set yourself. These may vary from the salary you would like to earn, job satisfaction, job title, or the responsibilities you would like.

Broaden How You Search for Jobs

In modern times companies advertise for jobs in various ways and not always on job platforms. Checking out a company’s career page is a great way to see their list of vacancies.

Contacting agencies directly and reaching out to individuals via LinkedIn is a good idea as they may have roles that haven’t yet been advertised.

Make Use of Social Media

A simple search for a keyword such as ‘job’ or ‘career’ on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, can lead to finding a hiring employer.

Many companies use social media to set up business pages and post job vacancies. Make sure you're following any companies that interest you, and keep an eye out for job listings.

Create a Network

Networking is key when looking for a new job. It only takes one person to know an employer who is recruiting for you to have a potential foot in the door.

Developing connections both interactively and in person will broaden your professional network, leading to a better chance of you finding the role you’re looking for.

Get Your CV Right

A hiring manager will be looking for someone who stands out from the crowd, and your CV is the first step in showcasing yourself.

To increase your chances of securing an interview, make sure to tailor your CV to each company you apply to. When listing your strengths and skills, remember to elaborate on how these strengths and skills will benefit that particular employer.

Time Your Job Search

Many people look for new jobs at the start of the year which means there will be a lot more competition. Beat the January rush by searching for a job during quieter periods such as in December!

Sign up to an Agency

Recruiters will be able to best match you to positions which suit your skills and experience. Additionally, they will be able to negotiate the terms and salary on your behalf.

Job opportunities crop up by the hour and recruiters have access to vacancies that don’t appear on job boards, meaning you’ll be ahead of the competition.