With social distancing a limiting factor to traditional teaching methods for training up new workers into the Construction industry, Cidori have adapted their delivery, and have successfully completed the first pilot online.

Whilst site visits are off limits and CITB test centres remain closed, Construct a Career continues to find a way to deliver training to the unemployed ready for when work opportunities in the industry start to present themselves. The first four Construct a Career Digital Courses will be supported by Wates in London from April 20th and April 27th.

Eugene Meehan - Managing Director

"O’Neill & Brennan are delighted to be partnering with Wates and Cidori to deliver 4 Digital Construct a Career Courses, commencing on April 27th. In these difficult times, where social distancing is paramount, this is a wonderful adaptation. We wish everyone the very best of luck on these courses, which will offer you all an excellent opportunity to enter and develop within the Construction Industry. There will still be skills shortages and work opportunities after Covid-19. Keep safe and embrace the course content".

Obi Salloo – WMCA and Cidori Course Coordinator provided the following feedback on the Digital Pilot which was completed on April 9th 2020.

Online teaching of the Construction Level 1 Health and Safety Course.

"We started the first lesson online on the morning of 6th April, Cidori mobilised the delivery of the course through the Zoom App. Prior to the sessions, we called up the learners to enrol them onto the programme, and following a successful vetting session, we had an induction on Monday 13th April, again on the Zoom App.

The sessions throughout the week went very well online, learners were engaged and participated in all activities.

We are facing uncertain times as an industry, but we are adapting as a company to the circumstances and ensuring that learners are benefiting from online teaching.

I will be doing further classes and sessions online from the 20thApril in the Midlands, and Cidori will be carrying out online teaching remotely for London in partnership with Wates and O’Neill & Brennan."