Britain needs to recruit one new construction worker every 77 seconds to solve the housing crisis.

The British construction sector needs to bring in 400,000 new employees per year, the equivalent of one new recruit every 77 seconds, to solve the country's housing crisis, according to a new report.

Consultancy firm Arcadis estimates that between now and 2021, a total of more than 1.5 million workers must be brought in to help build housing in the UK, or the country will fail to address the crippling lack of supply that has caused a huge imbalance in the market, driving up house prices to unaffordable levels.

The widespread consensus among economists is that Britain simply does not have enough housing, pushing prices up and making home ownership unattainable for much of the population.

O'Neill & Brennan are acutely aware of an increase in volume in residential housing projects and have been recruiting and placing more candidates and operatives than ever before in 2017, to help alleviate the demands.

Although this is still some way short of the targets outlined by the Government in their white paper 'Fixing Our Broken Housing Market', which can be accessed here, there is reasons to be positive, with construction output undoubtedly on the rise.

Whether or not recruiting a construction worker every 77 seconds is achievable is another question, but our Consultants are definitely up for the challenge!