O’Neill & Brennan are pleased to announce a new partnership with Work Programme provider PeoplePlus. PeoplePlus delivers the scheme in nine areas, on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions, with over 110 offices in the UK, so in the majority of cases, available workers will be closer to a site than ourselves. As O’Neill & Brennan pride ourselves in providing local jobs for local workers, this will be a valuable avenue for communication with people, particularly those actively seeking employment, in the communities in which we operate.

This will initially be a regional partnership, with O’Neill & Brennan’s South East office in communication with senior employer relationship managers at PeoplePlus, and it is hoped that once the contact lines have been tried and tested this model can be rolled out across the country in what is sure to be a mutually beneficial ongoing professional relationship. The goals of our two companies are aligned perfectly; we both aim to get people into rewarding and ongoing work and we both have a long term vision of helping to create skilled workforces in communities around the country.

The collaboration has demonstrated its usefulness early on, with a number of jobseekers already placed with employers in construction jobs due to our combined efforts. O’Neill & Brennan look forward to being part of a fruitful partnership for years to come, benefitting not only our two companies but also individuals, their communities, the industry, and the country as a whole.

Now in its fifth year, the Work Programme has made a significant contribution to the UK unemployment challenge, providing tens of thousands of people with the opportunity to gain new skills, take the first steps to building sustainable careers and reduce their dependency on benefits.