In December 2020, the UK was in lockdown and there were restrictions on site visiting.

We decided for Christmas 2020 that during such an unprecedented and difficult time for everyone that we would do something different.

Rather than delivering the usual Christmas bottles to our clients, we chose to donate to charities that were very much in need of support.

COVID-19 has put enormous financial pressure on the charity sector, which has been dealing with increased demand, reduced resources and the stressful environment that everyone has been living in.

The decision was made to do a Christmas Charity draw, which was posted on our LinkedIn Page. Our clients were asked to nominate a charity of their choice and if their name was drawn out then the donation was made to their nominated charity.

We donated £10,000 to charities of our clients choosing in early January which was made up of £1000 individual donations.

We are so glad to have helped support a great cross section of charities.

The response we have received from both the clients and charities has been wonderful. They really are delighted and very thankful for the support they have received and it will continue to help them this year.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccine is being rolled out, and an end to the crisis is foreseeable.