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Posts tagged 'safety'

11th September


All workers must be protected from ill health that could be caused or made worse by construction work activiti...

10th July

Vehicles on site

This month’s health & safety theme is ‘Vehicles on site’. Construction vehicles are the ...

27th June

Sun safety tips for construction workers

The sun is shining and the heatwave has most definitely arrived across the UK and Ireland. I hope you aren&rsq...

11th June

Slips, Trips and Falls

As part of our continued monthly Health & Safety message, this month's health & safety theme is 'slips, trips ...

3rd April

Overhead Electricity Lines

To help promote Health & Safety in the workplace, we will be raising awareness and delivering safety infor...

24th October

O'Neill & Brennan form Partnership with CIF for Construction Safety week

We are delighted to become an official partner with the Construction industry federation (CIF) for Constructio...

11th October

BAM World Safety Day - Trafalgar School

If you have been following O’Neill & Brennan’s South East Facebook page today (which you almos...

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