Staff members from O'Neill & Brennan's Dublin office had an engaging and informative week as they actively participated in a comprehensive Fire Safety Training, conducted in collaboration with Apex Fire Ltd

The session kicked off with an insightful briefing, during which the entire team was guided through a detailed overview of potential fire hazards that could arise within the office environment. This crucial segment highlighted the significance of identifying and addressing fire risks proactively, underlining the importance of vigilance and preventative measures.

Following this enlightening introduction, an engaging walkthrough session took place, dedicated to the various types of fire extinguishers and their appropriate utilisation. Participants were given hands-on demonstrations, equipping them with the practical knowledge required to effectively combat different types of fires. The training module delved into the nuances of selecting the right fire extinguisher for specific scenarios, while also providing step-by-step guidance on the correct usage techniques.

By the end of the training day, the staff members of O'Neill & Brennan's Dublin office were not only better informed about the potential fire hazards present in their workspace, but they also gained confidence in their ability to respond promptly and effectively in case of an emergency. This collaborative initiative between O'Neill & Brennan and Apex Fire Ltd. reaffirmed the commitment to workplace safety and preparedness, ensuring that the team is well-equipped to uphold a secure and protected office environment.