DIY SOS: The Big Build Ireland is a construction TV program that assists individuals in challenging situations by reconstructing their homes. This, in turn, enables them to regain stability in their lives. O'Neill & Brennan's Munster Labour & Trades team had the privilege to be involved in the first episode of the new season which aired on RTÉ One at the end of March.

In this episode, the DIY SOS team worked on renovating the home of Adam Drummond, a young man who lost the ability to walk due to a spinal injury. The team enlisted the help of over 1,100 volunteering workers from Adam's community and across Ireland, representing various trades and professions, to take on the challenge of completing the renovation. O'Neill & Brennan is pleased to have provided assistance in supplying several Construction operatives to our clients MMD Construction to help complete the project.

To make Adam's home wheelchair accessible, the team undertook a complete interior and exterior renovation of the house. The DIY SOS team upgraded the home's interior with a sleek, modern design, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows. They also installed two lifts and a two-story extension, and which required digging beneath the house to achieve this for Adam and his family.

The complete renovation took nine days and nights with the volunteer workers working around the clock to complete the necessary renovations to the home. Adam is now able to move freely in, out, & around his home without any difficulty. The volunteer workers did an amazing job in completing the renovation in this timeframe. Their hard work and dedication made it possible for Adam to move freely in and out of his home without any difficulty. The renovations not only improved Adam's mobility but also enhanced the overall look and feel of his home.

O'Neill and Brennan are extremely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this project. Giving back to the community is an important value for us, and we are honored to have the chance to make a positive impact. We look forward to participating in similar projects in the future