During the 2022 Construction Industry Federation (CIF) conference, John O Shaughnessy MBA LL.B (Hons) (MD Clancy Construction), CIF Chair of the Education, Skills, and Training Subcommittee, gave a compelling speech on the importance of attracting young people to the construction industry. Inspired by his words, O’Neill & Brennan's Glenn Ryan approached Kildare Town Community School with the idea of sponsoring 20 Safe Pass courses for students interested in pursuing a career in construction. Principal John Hayes and Career Guidance Teacher Elizabeth Eurell were eager to pursue the initiative and selected 20 enthusiastic students, both male and female, who showed an interest in Labour & Trades or Professional & Technical aspects of construction.

O’Neill & Brennan arranged for an instructor to conduct a Safe Pass and Manual Handling course on the 7th of February at the school. After completing the course, the students had the opportunity to visit a Glenveagh Properties construction site in Kildare Town. The Glenveagh Site Management team provided a detailed insight into the various jobs and careers available, the importance of teamwork, and the emphasis on health and safety. For many students who had never been on a building site before, this experience was a huge eye-opener and reinforced their enthusiasm for pursuing a career in construction.

John O'Shaughnessy MBA LL.B (Hons) led the final discussion of the Careers in Construction initiative on March 21st. He shared his own story of working in the construction industry, along with Sam Cantwell and Seamus Callanan, both members of the Clancy team. Their perspectives offered valuable insights into the various paths that can lead to success in construction. The initiative showcased the importance of industry professionals and educators collaborating to cultivate young talent. Moving forward, we are excited to continue this program in the future.

What has been hugely evident is the genuine interest business people and professionals have in giving young people opportunities and encouragement, the work our schools and teachers do to accommodate and facilitate the growth and development of our future generations and the appreciation and respect our young people have for those who show an interest in them.

O'Neill & Brennan hopes to continue the Careers in Construction initiative in the future, exposing more students to career opportunities and the benefits of working in the construction industry.