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Welcome to Construct a Career

7 May

Construct a Career 2019 is a nationwide campaign designed to provide a clearly defined route into the construction industry for people interested in working in this field, but don’t currently have the qualifications to do so. Our aim is to help these people by providing a Certified Level 1 construction course in their area, with employment opportunities arranged in advance.

With the uncertainty of Brexit looming on the horizon, combined with skilled and unskilled labour shortages, we need to find a way of actively getting people into the industry, and we believe Construct a Career provides a sustainable solution to this. Our passion, enthusiasm and drive is to get as many different people, particularly from underrepresented groups, into the industry, allowing them to go on to have successful careers in their chosen profession.


The campaign offers many benefits such as:

  • Application Rates - Service in areas with lower job application rates
  • Section 106 - Obligations met
  • Strategy - Covering the potential of EU workers leaving

the UK

  • Recruitment & Training - Of economically inactive people
  • Local Communities - Contributing in terms of education, regeneration

and community engagement

  • Social-Economic - Positive local social-economic project outcomes


We look forward to delivering our Construct a Career campaign across the UK through a unified, committed and combined partnership with our two other providers – COSAC and CIDORI.


Sourcing the Talent to Build the Future


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