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Online Learning - The Way Forward?

10 May

A critical element of our Construct a Career training programme is the online learning provided by our training partner COSAC.  Seeing the success of this training method is certainly making us think about how successful learning is achieved.

COSAC has been delivering health and safety training for years, but it’s the innovation of their internet-based programme – Safe2Site™ that attracted our attention.

This programme is designed to deliver the health and safety learnings that are so critical for construction site workers.  Safety is the number one priority for all building sites and all site workers need to have the CSCS Green card to be able to work on site: achieving it can be a challenge for a number of reasons.

For people who are already working in the construction sector – perhaps in small family-run building firms or operating on their own as a one-man tradesman – but wanting to move onto bigger projects, simply finding the time to fit in the appropriate training is a problem.

Both groups can engage with a dynamic on-line learning process that is a much closer match to how they live their lives.

The Safe2Site™ programme can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.  The trainee works their way through it at their own pace, picking it up as and when they have some free time to concentrate.  Engagement is essential – regular question sets ensure the trainee has understood each issue before they can progress onwards.

What we are finding is that this method of learning is not only more convenient but also produces better results. Trainees cannot simply “switch off” for a bit and miss areas of the programme – the training only progresses as they engage with it.

It’s a radical approach to teaching – most training processes have not evolved much in a hundred years – and is one that is providing to be hugely successful.

It’s also the first and currently the only online course approved by CSCS to deliver the Green Card.  We see it is a modern solution to a big training need and it fits our shared radical approach to problem-solving.


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