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Local Pounds for Local People

10 May

Two significant changes in the way that adult education is funded support the view that our Construct A Career programme is an ideal proposition.

The two-week programme that our trainees go through – a combination of preparation for work and construction-focused skills – is currently funded by central government from the Adult Education Budget.

We know that construction as an industry is highlighted as a sector for particular focus for funding. This focus recognises both the severe personnel shortages in the sector and also the opportunities for career progression for new recruits. 

There are relatively few industries where a newcomer can start with very few qualifications and progress through to the very top.

From August this year, responsibility for adult education funding is devolving to seven regions.  This allows for a far greater degree of local insight, understanding where there is the greatest need and directing funds to those areas.

The second change is an increasing focus on outcome-based funding.  Organisations delivering training that is government-funded have to demonstrate the success of their endeavours.

For our training partner Cidori, this means being able to point to trainees progressing into stable employment as a result of their intervention.

Cidori takes people looking for work, referred via job centres, housing associations, probation service etc and provides training for career preparation. An essential follow-on from Cidori’s work is a strong link to employment opportunities at the end of the training programme.

This is where Construct a Career scores so highly.  It is in everyone’s interests to ensure that local people, recruited from areas of the greatest need, are supported to the point where they are work-ready and then seamlessly provided with employment opportunities.

Our initial pilot has worked well, and we think that our joined-up approach to recruitment, training and opportunity ticks the boxes to ensure that the funding, allowing our candidates to access the programme at no cost to themselves, is secure.


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