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Local jobs for Local People: Meeting the Section 106 Challenge

22 May

Of all the potential Section 106 requirements, the need to employ local labour can prove to be the most challenging – which is why we at O’Neill and Brennan have put considerable resources behind finding practical solutions.

The use of geo-location technology helps, of course.  Our Section 106 reports will detail how far each of our operatives have travelled to get to a site, enabling our clients to provide the evidence that staff live within the radius specified.

The same technology allows us to target our database of job-seekers based around the location requirements of a particular site.  As soon as we know of a new site looking for operatives, we will set up a recruitment beacon – targeting known candidates within a specified area.

While we have an extensive database, we can’t guarantee that we will have a list of suitable local people for every new contract.  This is where our new Construct a Career programme fits in.

Working with our training partners, Cidori and COSAC, we will proactively recruit new candidates from targeted areas.  Supporting your Section 106 requirements, we can focus on specific post codes identified as areas of particular need and provide free training for work accompanied by the health and safety skills required for the CSCS card.  At the end of the training process, we have local job seekers qualified and ready to start on site.

The final piece of the Section 106 puzzle from us is the ability to automatically generate a Section 106 report during or at the end of a project, giving a breakdown of how far operatives have travelled to work.  This information can then be used by our clients as evidence that they have met the Section 106 requirements.

Getting these processes up and running has taken time and effort, but we see ever more competition from different industries to attract new people and the construction sector needs to fight its corner.

Our range of practical, proactive solutions provides answers for employers with Section 106 obligations: a joined-up approach providing real benefits for both employer and employee.



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