Three Peaks 2022




Raised for 2 amazing charities

We offer interviews to any Armed Force Veterans and family members that apply for our roles. We work with several national contractors to help support individuals into their resettlement programs and offer additional support to anyone who needs it.

We understand that coming out of the forces can be daunting, and resettling into a job that enables you to use your transferable skills is important. We are here to support that transition to the best of our ability!

Three peaks challenge

We were happy to be able to support Multiplex Construction on their bid to raise funds for the Smaller Veteran’s charities by taking on the three peaks challenge. A team of 18 walkers, including two of our team completed the challenge raising £10,000 for 2 amazing charities, Project RECCE CIO and Veterans with Dogs.

O’Neill & Brennan staff members Liam Monaghan and Daniel Clifford did an amazing job completing the challenge. John Hogan supported the logistical challenge by providing vans and a driver to get the team from A-B as well as having the important job of group feeder!

The weather experienced on Ben Nevis was a genuine concern, driving rain propelled with almost gale force winds really put them in their place early on. The bitter cold at the summit after being pressure washed all the way up was grim, but they achieved their goal.

Scafell Pike saw great teamwork from everyone on the climb. Like Ben Nevis, they started well before dawn to maximise their day and made the summit in good time. A safe trip back down saw them set for Snowdon to complete the challenge.

Snowdon saw some much-welcomed sunshine, with trousers converted to shorts, and sunglasses on. They faced a very different challenge this time with the heat! The going was tough, but they kept going at an exceptional pace. They arrived at the summit, celebrated for a couple of minutes, and then set off to their accommodation where a sit-down meal and a bar were waiting for them.


Hear from our team

Colin Gears

Head of QHSE

John Hogan

Head of Heath & Safety

24 years in the Royal Engineers

Having completed full active service of 24 years in the Royal Engineers on operational and humanitarian deployments across the globe, and also 15 years on the reserve list, I am very conscious of the support needed for military personnel leaving the forces with an extraordinary skill set level, after what, in many cases, has been a traumatic and life changing service. The military person has grown up to be independent within a close unit group and the thought of having to ask for help outside of that is alien to most. With programs like this, the opportunity to re-invent and reintegrate into civilian life is priceless and I am only too pleased to be able to put my full support behind the O’Neill & Brennan initiatives along with many clients, who are also contributors, to help fellow veterans into resettlement.

I am a forces family member

I am a forces family member, otherwise known as a ‘Scaly Brat.’ I spent my whole life up to my university years living on RAF bases, living and breathing the good and bad sides of the force’s life. As a child I was an Air Cadet and came very close to joining myself but went down a different road.

My Father was an RAF Aircraft Engineer and reached Chief Technician position, serving 22 years. Thirteen of these years were spent serving the Royal Family Aircraft on the Queens Flight. He is also a Gulf War Veteran with IX Bomber Squadron, keeping Tornado Bombers in the air.

My Father, Grandfather, and all our forces have me bursting with pride. I happily support and get involved in any forces and ex forces events. The Armed Forces Covenant Award at O’Neill & Brennan is fantastic and works side by side with some of our key clients who are also Silver and Gold awarded.

In 2022 I joined an event with Multiplex Veteran as a logistics aid and mini-bus driver for the Three Peaks Challenge. Here I was supporting the MPX Armed Forces Covenant (ERS) Gold, as well Project RECCE – Ex-Military pathway into Construction and Veterans With Dogs - a mental health assistance charity. It was a very hard few days for all involved, but had huge support from all including O’Neill & Brennan and team building levels I did not expect. It was enjoyable and a pleasure to be involved, and I have put my name in the ring to help in 2024.